Thursday, 7 June 2012

Passing thoughts of today

"My very vivid little boys are a little too vivid for me today. I wish I could have someone over for an hour to help us clean up and another to take the kids out. I need a breather!"

"Shame. I actually kinda liked Jolinar of Malkshur."

"Great. It's my least favorite weather. Grey, cloudy and cold. Can't we just have either lovely, energizing sunshine or refreshing summer rains?"

"Funny. I did notice his jawline being a little asymmetrical but I figured it was part of his charm. Now they point it out like a flaw. People don't have flaws. Just personality."

"How the hell do all those super mothers get their kids to clean up after themselves? It looks like a bomb went off. Again."

"I've got headache. Is it normal that anemia and iron sumpliment fuck up my day rhythm or is it just the longer hours of daylight? I'm so tired of being so damn tired all the time. Now it's giving me headache too."

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